Your favorite Temecula Boba, Fruit Smoothie, Acai, Pitaya, Milk Tea, Thai Iced Tea shop since 1995

We thank all our customers for supporting us for 18 years! We are the first smoothie shop to open in Temecula.  Many of our competitors have come and gone.  Others have even copied our sign and logo!  But we are the original Juice Bar of Temecula J

Support your local small business!  The next time you visit one a corporate franchise competitor, please remember they are all about profit maximization.  They charge you more for less, which is why they use lower quality ingredients like powdered yogurt.  They spend less on quality so they can pay off franchise fees and profits for corporate board members.

We are a family business and not a large corporation, which means we don't need to sacrifice on quality.  We have the freedom on our bottom line to use better ingredients like real frozen yogurt and a better tasting acai.  So please visit your local mom and pop shop for a quality smoothie at an affordable price!

We are next to 24 Hour Fitness in the Target Shopping Center
27520 Ynez Road
Temecula, CA 92591

951 693 9403